Giving Your Escort a Pearl Necklace

Many men use a Budapest escort service because they want to experiment sexually. They want to try things that their wives or girlfriends may not be interested in. One example of this is the pearl necklace. A pearl necklace is a sex act in which a man will ejaculate onto the neck or chest of his partner. The ejaculation may occur via masturbation, and it could also be the result of mammary intercourse.

A pearl necklace may also result from a blowjob.  The escort will perform fellatio on her client until he removes his penis from her mouth and then ejaculates on her breasts. This sex act is called a “pearl necklace” due to the semen from the man resembling a string of white pearls. Many escorts will offer the pearl necklace as a form of safe sex when clients don’t wish to use condoms.

While many wives or girlfriends may find the pearl necklace to be degrading, it can be an exhilarating experience for men who try it, especially those that like the site of their semen running down the chest of their partner.