Sex Position The Pretzel Stick

At first glance, this seems to be little more than a position with the woman on top. However, it has a number of unique twists to the standard cowgirl position. The thrusts for the pretzel stick position are slower and shallower, and this means it stimulates the lower part of her pussy. It also allows you to touch her legs, something which is harder to do in other "girl on top" positions. The pretzel stick allows for enhanced clitoral stimulation, and a pace which allows both the man and his female escort to focus on everything. The key difference between this position and other ones like it is that the woman will be between the man's legs when she is on top, rather than him being between her legs.

To get into this position, the man will need to lie on his back, and open his legs so she can get between them. The woman will then need to more forward, lay between his legs, and press her breasts against his chest. The man will next need to place his ankles on top of hers in this position, as it will create the "pretzel stick" affect from which the position is named. The couple can kiss passionately in this position while his hands will be able to explore more of her body. If there is a mirror above the couple in the room, they will notice that their entwined legs and hips will form a heart shape.