Stimulating the P-Spot with Budapest Escorts

You've probably heard of the G-spot, but have you ever heard of the P-spot? All too often, sex focuses on the physical pleasure of the woman rather than the man. Given the fact that hobbyists are men who pay for escorts, it is these men who should receive pleasure, and in this article we will show you how. Men actually have two P-spots, and a woman who knows how to pleasure them (few women do), can bring incredible pleasure. One P-spot is external and the other is internal. The "P" stands for prostate. The prostate is the source of a man's enjoyment and 1/3 of his semen comes from it.

Many men assume that their prostate must be stimulated internally, as in, being accessed through their anus. Because most men are straight, this is a turn off for some, even if it is a woman who tries it. However, straight men can access their prostate without having to insert anything into their anus. This is done by stimulating the perineum, which is the area between the scrotum and anus. During your session with a call girl in Budapest, you'd instruct her to press this area firmly with her fingers or knuckles. This sensitive area can also be stimulated by oral sex or sex toys.

During the reverse cowgirl position, where the woman is on top and facing away from the man, she can stimulate this area easily by reaching down with her fingers and pressing firmly against this area. Men who don't mind anal penetration can instruct their companions to insert a lubricated finger, and then press this finger toward the penis rather than his rear end. This will induce a prostate massage and some providers are well versed in it.