Taking it Slow in The Bedroom

In a recent article, I spoke about the importance of choosing the right girl when hiring an escort in Budapest. You want a slut rather than a hooker, because sluts will give you better sex. When the two of you get together, and are ready to venture into the bedroom, it’s important to take things slowly. When it comes to sex, timing is everything, and haste makes waste.

Instead of removing your clothes quickly, surprise her by removing her clothes slowly, one piece at a time. Doing so can be extremely arousing, and can set the right mood for a mind blowing session. As the two of you remove each other’s clothes bit-by-bit, make out and explore each other’s bodies. The majority of escorts and their clients get undressed and into bed too quickly.

Give yourself at least 15 to 20 minutes to undress, unwind, and relax, as this will give the man time to develop a firm erection and the woman to become fully lubricated, easing penetration and pleasure for both. Take your time and extend the passion; there is no need to rush. Any escort that rushes her client isn’t worth the money she charges, and any hobbyist who allows himself to be rushed isn’t getting what he’s paying for.