The Importance of Communication during Sex

When hiring a Hungarian provider, especially for the first time, communication is crucial before, during and after the session. No matter how good an escort is in bed, she isn’t a mind reader. Unless you’re willing to tell her what you desire, and what you like and dislike, your experience with her won’t be as memorable. When it comes to sexual communication, there is no single rule that works for everyone. Regardless of how you do it, it should be done, and preferably before the session even begins.

Because you’re paying the escort, there is no point in being indirect about what you want. Be clear with her and make sure she understands what you want “before” the two of you meet. Men vary widely when it comes to the things they want sexually. Some like anal, while others like to cum in the escort’s mouth or on her tits. Virtually every escort in Europe will have rules. The most desirable companions are those who have the least. To make matters more complicated, some escorts don’t like certain vulgar words being used over the phone, for various reasons, and if you use them they will hang up on you.

This is why I recommend email when booking appointments with providers in the Montreal area. Email is less obtrusive and allows you to think about what you’re writing before you send, and you have time to proofread, whereas when you speak over phone you have no time for this. Then again, talking to a woman over the phone allows you to determine her tone of voice and the context with which she speaks. It is best to select a companion who prefers the same communication style. For example, if you prefer sending text messages, you should select a provider who is text message friendly.