Understanding the Erogenous Zones

The erogenous zone is an area of the body that has increased sensitivity to stimulation. Understanding the various erogenous zones of the body can allow one to become a better lover. Each person has erogenous zones around their bodies, but these zones may differ from one person to another. When searching for a red light Budapest escort, it is best to find someone who understands these zones, and who knows how to stimulate them.

Sexual Stimulation Basics

Sexual stimulation is defined as any physical contact with the body that causes sexual arousal.  When reading Hungarian escort agency reviews, bear in mind that good escorts will be able to stimulate their clients in a multitude of ways.  When people think of sexual stimulation, they usually think of the stimulation of the genitals.

However, talented lovers realize that there are many areas of the body besides the genitals that can lead to sexual arousal.  Additionally, it is possible to make one aroused through the stimulation of the senses, such as sight or sound. However, the genitals must ultimately be stimulated in order to lead to an orgasm. Highly skilled escorts will use orgasm control to control the level of stimulation their clients receive, building up to a powerful orgasm.

Basic aspects of sexual stimulation include the touching and manipulation of the genitals and other erogenous zones.  An erotic massage, hand job or fingering is just some of the techniques that can be utilized. Physiological reactions will occur as a result of touching these body parts.

Most female escorts will be familiar with the most obvious erogenous zones of their clients. However, the most talented escorts focus on the areas which are not the most obvious. Some erogenous zones which aren’t immediately obvious include the hands, temples, shoulders or arms. Also included may be the navel or the feet.

The thighs are another area which may be considered an erogenous zone. However, one should not forget the importance of the neck and head. The lips and the tongue can be stimulated through kissing, while the scalp may be gently massaged, causing increased pleasure in both males and females. The neck and back may be stimulated by kissing or caressing, and breathing into the ear can be highly arousing for some.