Why You Should Not Arrive Early or Late for Your Budapest Date

There are two types of clients that are quite annoying, and these are men who show up too early or late for their escort sessions. On the flip side, the same is also true for female escorts who show up late or early to their meetings. When a client or escort shows up late for a meeting, it shows that they do not have respect for the other person, or their time. For example, if a client arrives to an incall 15 minutes after the agreed meeting time, he may have to cut his session short by 15 minutes because the lady may have another client, or other matters to attend to.

Hobbyists have lives as well, and escorts who show up too late can cause them problems to. Arriving too early is also a hassle because both escorts and their clients need time to prepare for the event. They must shower, groom themselves, choose a nice piece of clothing, or tidy up the place. Your early arrival means that you will have to wait on them to finish, which can make things awkward for both parties.

In some cultures, particularly those in Central and South America, being late to a meeting is normal and a part of the local culture. However, when visiting Budapest, which is in Europe, it could be considered insulting by many escorts and agencies, so please, respect the local scene and be on time for your meetings, even if you normally aren't!